Friday, January 28, 2011


Today is the day I begin.  This is my food blog.  Funny, now I can’t think where to begin. 
I’m an evil dictator of taste.  Ask any of my friends.  I review restaurants and meals, prepared by me, constantly, vocally and all too often honestly.  I’m passionate and overly verbose when it comes to food and service experiences, even wine and cocktails.  Yet now I don’t know what to post.
For the past 10 years I worked in the restaurant industry.  I began at a little, local-favorite sandwich shop in Missoula, MT, called Worden’s Market.  From there, I had the good fortune to be hired by the Hilton Hotels Restaurant just after a renovation.  I was lucky because corporate restaurants provide incredible training to their staff.  Mine was an intensive, two month program before I ever even set foot inside the new restaurant.  I don’t think it was supposed to be quite that long.  There were some construction delays, but it was useful nonetheless.  We went over menu descriptions, tasted and discussed all the food, learned about wine and proper cocktail service.  The training even covered lessons like, “Never, under any circumstances, address patrons, especially female patrons, as ‘you guys.’”  I was only 17, but the world of food culture had just become exponentially bigger for me.
Over the next decade, I expanded my knowledge, moved to the Bay Area, CA, and New York City, traveled to Napa, Mexico, Cuba and Italy.  I also moved up the ranks, learned more and more, managing restaurants of different varieties.  Basically, I hung around with other people who were also immersed in food and beverage.
Now I work for a small publishing house in NYC, but I haven’t forgotten the skills honed in my previous career.  I have a habit of subjecting anyone who’ll listen to my experiences and opinions.  The idea behind this blog is that I will share my experiences in food, with fellow searchers on the quest for tastiness.
Tonight I’m meeting my brother and his wife for dinner at Hatchan Bar on East 44th...

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  1. I am excited about this new blog and looking forward to reading it regularly! Very much enjoyed first post!